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Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., founded in 2000, was started as a consulting business designed to offer computer programming to businesses growing in the IT market. The need quickly arose for Bradshaw Consulting to offer not only IT related service but also general business building services such as marketing, infrastructure and management. Read More


Castaloy.com was created in 2005 by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.when it became apparent that a solution was needed to repair cast iron without all the expense associated with welding. Welding is not only expensive but time consuming and requires a level of skill most of us do not possess; I being one of them.  Read More

Aluminum boat repair forum

When our Alumaloy website was upgraded earlier this year, we also took the time to make upgrades to our Alumaloy forumBradshaw Consulting, Inc. has given away our product because of the success users have had when repairing metals such as aluminum. A successful repair, made by one of our customers,  had been a repair to his aluminum boat.  Read More

What is Alumaloy, you ask? Alumaloy is aluminum rods for welding.

Alumaloy is … what?

Recently, we had a customer come into our local retail store where we sell Alumaloy, Castaloy,and Steelaloy and asked us if Alumaloy was a brazing rod or a welding rod.

In response, we directed him to Derrick Bradshaw’s How-to Guide: Repairing Aluminum.

Read More

Enter to win free Castaloy: Cast Iron Repair Rods

Bradshaw Consulting, the parent company of Castaloy, would like to offer a chance to win free product. That is right, 100% free, we will even pay for the shipping. From time to time we will select a person or organization to receive our product, we will contact you via email.  It will come from your account in our system. Read More

Free Shipping for All Orders Over $60.00!

Shipping costs can be one of the most annoying aspects of buying online, wouldn’t you agree? Read More
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