• Aug, 03 , 19
  • Derrick Bradshaw was created in 2005 by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.when it became apparent that a solution was needed to repair cast iron without all the expense associated with welding. Welding is not only expensive but time consuming and requires a level of skill most of us do not possess; I being one of them. With that in mind, this product was designed to allow even a novice user, all the way to seasoned pro, the ability to repair cast iron in a fraction of the time and cost.

The Castaloy website will be the next one to undergo a full upgrade. The same features found at this site will also be made available to Castaloy customers. The websites are setup in such a way that signing up on one gains the user access to each of the alloy websites. We are very excited for the changes being made to our websites and we want to thank the awesome people at Bradshaw Consulting for making it happen.