Steelaloy Instructions

Now you can permanently weld steel of any grade in just minutes! With no effort, you can join any grade of steel, and even copper . parts, tools, fixtures -- even fabricate missing or broken parts! It can't be any easier with our simple three step process!

Item you can repair with Steelaloy:

Broken Rakes
Steel Gate or Fencing
Cracked Shovels
Steel Roofing
Stoves, Radiators & Fireplaces
Anything else made of any grade of steel that you can think of

Three Simple Steps

Thoroughly prepare the surface to be Steelaloy-welded with the wire brush. Brush on the special surface liquid prep (a small bottle comes with every pound of Steelaloy). Then, using a hand-held simple propane torch, heat up the metal part so that when you touch the Steelaloy rod to the part you are repairing, it begins to liquefy.




No high temperature welding

The relatively low, safe temperatures of the Steelaloy rod allow it to flow freely at just 500 degrees F. Repairs are quickly achieved simply by heating the pieces to be repaired to that point and then joining them together, or directing the flowing Steelaloy to the cracks or areas to be repaired. Then simply allow the area to cool. The result? A Steelaloy weld that is permanent, stronger than the original materials, and ready to be filed, painted or finished anyway you choose. It's also ready to go to work! An instant repair -- with no special skills or abilities -- for just pennies!