Aluminum boat repair forum

  • Aug, 03 , 19
  • Derrick Bradshaw
When our Alumaloy website was upgraded earlier this year, we also took the time to make upgrades to our Alumaloy forumBradshaw Consulting, Inc. has given away our product because of the success users have had when repairing metals such as aluminum. A successful repair, made by one of our customers,  had been a repair to his aluminum boat. It was such a great success that we decided to create an aluminum boat repair forum to help users with this aspect of our product. Derrick Bradshaw wrote a “How to Repair Aluminum” guide several years ago on his blog. That article lent itself to a wide range of conversation on our old forum. One of the questions asked by Avnendra, a forum reader,  asked if a boat he did not want to part with, could be repaired by Alumaloy. The short answer to this question is “Yes!”. It turns out he purchased the product and performed the repair the very next day! The product is that easy to use. Just make sure you follow the guide listed above and clean the product well. The cleaning of the product helps to remove any unwanted particles that could get in the way of bonding.