What is Alumaloy, you ask? Alumaloy is aluminum rods for welding.

  • Aug, 03 , 19
  • Derrick Bradshaw

Alumaloy is … what?

Recently, we had a customer come into our local retail store where we sell Alumaloy, Castaloy,and Steelaloy and asked us if Alumaloy was a brazing rod or a welding rod.

In response, we directed him to Derrick Bradshaw’s How-to Guide: Repairing Aluminum. Derrick, who’s the CEO and founder of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and our retail store, wrote it a few years back, but those new to aluminum repair often ask the same questions that our long-time customers have, and it’s still pertinent. So we thought what better way is there to educate those who are considering replacing versus repairing aluminum than by bringing this topic to the forefront again? We think you’ll find the repair guide will answer all of your questions.

It was also brought to our attention that the physical properties of Alumaloy have not been posted on our new upgraded website — so now it has.

With Derrick’s instructional book in hand, our upgraded forum, and free shipping on all orders over $60, we’ve made it easier than ever to get your Do-It-Yourself project involving aluminum or Alumaloy started and, more importantly, finished.

If you read How-to Guide: Repairing Aluminum and still have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-516-6668 — we truly enjoy educating our customers and would-be customers and are happy to answer your questions.

If you have a success story or question, also consider posting, and including your pictures, on the Alumaloy Forums at any time. Not only will it help you get the aluminum repair tips you need to finish your project, but it may help someone else with the same question in the future.